This guy is trying to scam people claiming he paid for items by sending fake emails that look to be from paypal
Posted by Dina
Wednesday, 04.14.2021 @ 11:57am
Anthony - liar and cheat. Ladies beware.
Posted by Anon
Sunday, 04.11.2021 @ 19:17pm
the person who owns this number is really cool and epic
Posted by anon
Monday, 03.29.2021 @ 05:23am
who is caller and from
Posted by absaar
Friday, 03.26.2021 @ 07:21am
Scam. Claims to be bank fraud department. Instead it is a real fraud. Only call numbers on the bank website.
Posted by Me
Thursday, 03.25.2021 @ 12:01pm
Crazy man on drugs say racist things to me! Why he do this? I call police on this Nick man!
Posted by Mohammed M Rahman
Thursday, 03.11.2021 @ 00:52am
No such number exists
Posted by Kiara
Wednesday, 03.10.2021 @ 15:46pm
Was to do with Tesco reimbursement
Posted by Paula
Wednesday, 03.10.2021 @ 14:56pm
said i won big bucks in publishers clearing house - SCAM
Posted by pc
Tuesday, 03.9.2021 @ 10:59am
Called me -- said they were going to run an Action Liability and I needed to call them right away. Never said in the recording who they were or what this was about. Seems like a scam to get money. The message said to call the 844-950-3910 but it came through as 903-201-8103.

Posted by Susana
Monday, 03.8.2021 @ 15:39pm
I could hear a crowded room in the background and an echo of my own voice about two seconds after speaking. I said "What is your name?" but there was no answer. I hung up.
Posted by withheld
Monday, 03.8.2021 @ 00:40am
Rang me earlier. I don't know anyone in York.
Posted by John
Thursday, 03.4.2021 @ 07:39am
I have had 2 missed calls from this number today - does not answer when picked up

likely scammer
Posted by smeee
Tuesday, 03.2.2021 @ 02:46am
who is calling me
Posted by 051081111222
Monday, 03.1.2021 @ 10:00am
claimed delivery due from amazon
Posted by mike
Tuesday, 02.23.2021 @ 07:20am
Multiple calls. They know my name but soon hang up......
Posted by mick
Saturday, 02.20.2021 @ 04:01am
Says they are part of the student loan relief plan and that my loans are eligible for the program. I just have to call the above number and give them a personal ID code that they supplied me with to discuss stuff. I didn't call the above number, they left me a voicemail without actually calling my phone, so I have no original number to track it to.
Posted by Uniqua
Wednesday, 02.17.2021 @ 17:29pm
call from indian lady saying she was from Bt and my internet was slow. I said i used to work for bt so she should have an ein number she passed me to supervisor and i demanded his ein numbeer. he said i was a scammer and i put the phone down
Posted by marisa abbott
Wednesday, 02.17.2021 @ 08:08am
Caller said she was from bt and my Internet was slow, she hung up immediately I said I was too busy at the moment... Probably and likely to be some sort of scam.
Posted by Joseph Hewes
Wednesday, 02.17.2021 @ 04:09am
15:29 16 02 21 called but didn't leave a message. Called back, no answer then line went dead. Dodgy.
Posted by rayco
Tuesday, 02.16.2021 @ 10:33am
first they said they were calling from car dealership.
next call they said they are from the car insurance company
Posted by aa
Monday, 02.15.2021 @ 00:27am
who is this caller
Posted by muhammad javed
Thursday, 02.4.2021 @ 07:29am
Number texted me and said it was fed ex confirming a package delivery
Posted by Juice
Wednesday, 02.3.2021 @ 02:04am
Call every few days. My answering machine picks up and the person (sometimes a man, sometimes a woman) just keeps saying "hello" "hello" and then hangs up.
Posted by Lynn
Monday, 02.1.2021 @ 18:51pm
This is my number. I am Tony Remi Jameson. I had that number from 2003 until 2017 when I lost track of the real world and missed 2 payment so Telefonica vu5vtye line and don't want to return because I didn't please. I was homeless 6 months and loosing my number was a nightmare and I couldn't get in touch with anyone , nor could I check banknor be contactable by the authorities or GP and my situation was worsen because of a big company actions who doesn't care even if you paid your bill 15 years, you missed 2 months, you re out. I need it back. It is my number. I said please, I said it rudly and I cannot apologise more I just need it back. Any suggestions or I have to go to court to assess how much Telefonica worsen my life when in the street for 6 months. I dont really want anything but my number but I will go far to get it back.i had a different name when using the number 07834241492. Any suggestions please contact which I still use and was associated with the number . Thanks
Posted by That is my number which I had for 17 years and try to get back.
Monday, 02.1.2021 @ 13:56pm
SCAM - been called twice by callers with Indian accents who say there is a problem with my router then ask for laptop/desktop details. They hang up when I ask for their office number to call them back.
Posted by Kath
Monday, 02.1.2021 @ 05:18am
SCAM from India, wants to know about your internet router, she hung up when I asked her my address.
Posted by Les
Monday, 02.1.2021 @ 04:16am
Pretended to be a courier company asking for your address to deliver a package.
Posted by Pam
Sunday, 01.31.2021 @ 13:09pm
HMRC Compliance Department
Posted by MRU
Friday, 01.29.2021 @ 07:53am
Told me my social sec# was stolen and being used in washington ... called me by the wrong name. It's a freaking scam. Called back and was obviously nervous.reported top ss administration. Asked for my info. Gave him nothing.
Posted by Tk
Thursday, 01.28.2021 @ 10:51am
Frequent caller with no voicemail. Do you want something idiot?
Posted by Melinda
Sunday, 01.17.2021 @ 20:07pm
Indian call centre claiming to be Apple iPhone updgrade department - hang up and block number!
Posted by Gary
Wednesday, 01.13.2021 @ 06:16am
Keep calling and texting me 100 time a day
Need to stop
Posted by Abd
Sunday, 12.27.2020 @ 10:42am
Claims to be TNB but I doubt it. Said my account was outstanding. Asked if I have hse in PJ. I asked for address he said can only check with my IC. Asked for my IC, I said NO. He then said my account was outstanding since Oct. I said not possible since my bill is under auto-payment to my credit card. He ended call saying it's OK, I can check my account online.
Posted by YP Lam
Tuesday, 12.22.2020 @ 03:34am
Robocall scammer keeps calling each day. Very Annoying. Reported by Nomorobo as a robocaller.
Posted by Annoyed
Saturday, 12.5.2020 @ 16:48pm
fake call from social security with dire warning
Posted by Jorge
Thursday, 12.3.2020 @ 16:52pm
claim he is from bank negara. but how come from bank negara can not speak malay ? only can speak mandarin !
Posted by abu
Tuesday, 11.24.2020 @ 02:09am
i have been getting text messages.
Posted by pam
Thursday, 11.19.2020 @ 10:17am
Call me several times in the morning around 9am. Didn't pick up at first and found out pn internet that was a scammer call.
Posted by tan
Monday, 11.16.2020 @ 20:41pm
Who is this???????
Posted by S. Diaz
Thursday, 10.29.2020 @ 20:21pm
Hastoe Housing checking repairs had been completed. Positive caller
Posted by Oldbird
Wednesday, 10.28.2020 @ 07:49am
Go fu*k yourself dale and Corey I do'nt call you. Why would I call a guy?
Posted by Rob
Tuesday, 10.27.2020 @ 06:10am
Supposed ee billing message from 07312819339, put url in
And flagged as phishing site so dangerous avoid and don't click on any links, just delete message
Posted by Bob
Tuesday, 10.20.2020 @ 15:22pm
i got a call like that too; its a prank call- theres a website called spoofcard-com- you can call people, it desguises your voice and you put in a fake number- my friends did it to me and eventually they told me what they did- theres no way to track it either
Posted by Weedee
Monday, 10.5.2020 @ 01:36am
i got a call like that too; its a prank call- theres a website called spoofcard-com- you can call people, it desguises your voice and you put in a fake number- my friends did it to me and eventually they told me what they did- theres no way to track it either
Posted by Lolo
Monday, 10.5.2020 @ 01:35am
Call back to this local unanswered number. "The number you called is not in service."
Posted by EK
Saturday, 09.26.2020 @ 15:06pm
Call back to this unanswered number. "The number you called is not in service."
Posted by EK
Saturday, 09.26.2020 @ 15:04pm
When I answered there was a long silent pause, so I just hung up.
Posted by John
Friday, 09.18.2020 @ 10:19am
Used my name and said he was calling about the land..... (which could have meant something)
Presume they just keep reciting different things in the hope something will connect and they can start a dialogue
Posted by CJ Thomson
Thursday, 09.17.2020 @ 12:40pm
They text me a Tinder code!
Posted by Mel
Saturday, 09.5.2020 @ 06:26am

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