This person emailed me pretending to make a Scentsy order under the name of Lori and representing a modeling agency out of Portland, Maine, sent me a fake check in the mail with "additional funds for travel", then requested that I send back the extra funds once I got the check. SCAM, SCAM, SCAM!
Posted by Denise
Thursday, 02.22.2018 @ 11:21am
I am telephone owner - POSSIBLE FRAUD-SCAM -- Olivia Robertson, Oliva Robertson, Oliver Anthony Robertson, Oliver A. Robertson, Oliver Robertson, Anthony Robertson, Vannak Heng, iona Pichardi HAS NEVER HAD THIS telephone number (619) 234-4859, Has never lived in my home on Bancroft - is not known to us so be very careful - get picture Federal ID & finger prints - POSSIBLE FRAUD-SCAM
Posted by Telephone Owner
Thursday, 02.22.2018 @ 10:15am
Called but hung up after one second. No idea who it is but it's now added to my block list.
Posted by DoobieDoo
Thursday, 02.22.2018 @ 06:29am
Called three times in a row and never left message.
Posted by Steve
Wednesday, 02.21.2018 @ 19:26pm
Got a call and did not answer. No voicemail message.
Posted by Boopie
Wednesday, 02.21.2018 @ 18:34pm
received a call fro the same number saying someone as a fradualant complaint against me. I immediately said this is a scam. and they hung up
Posted by James
Wednesday, 02.21.2018 @ 18:01pm
Marketing agency "The Claims Agent" offering to get a recovery company to check if a mis-sales claim against my timeshare company would be likely to be successful so that that I could proceed to make a claim on a no-win-no-fee basis. If successful there would be a 30-70% split of recovery funds. He said the call wasn't in violation of the TPS rules because his organisation want selling anything to me. Called at 18:51 Tuesday. I declined his offer.
Posted by Just Some Guy
Wednesday, 02.21.2018 @ 17:12pm
This number has called me 4 times today, did not leave a message.
Posted by N
Wednesday, 02.21.2018 @ 16:38pm
This caller is Palo Alto networks. Probably trying to schedule or confirm a meeting to discuss their network products.
Posted by Anonymous
Wednesday, 02.21.2018 @ 15:39pm
answered, they called knowing my name, hung up. they call every god damn day. won't leave me a message so, can't be important.
Posted by julie
Wednesday, 02.21.2018 @ 15:11pm
Got a call from this number, ask to speak to the owner, 1 st sign no good; Indian ascent and rude lady, hang up on me when I question what company they are!
Posted by A
Wednesday, 02.21.2018 @ 14:56pm
Debt collector zombie debt collector
Posted by Chaz
Wednesday, 02.21.2018 @ 13:02pm
they called me, no response when I picked up the phone. When I called them back, they tried to get my information
Posted by Marina
Wednesday, 02.21.2018 @ 11:15am
it belongs to Dubai Islamic bank
Posted by zzz
Wednesday, 02.21.2018 @ 10:28am
No voice message
Posted by AT&T user
Wednesday, 02.21.2018 @ 10:23am
Weird. Asked if I fancied some action. Asked to explain stated that he was "available"
Posted by Steve Gubbons
Wednesday, 02.21.2018 @ 10:17am
I keep getting calls from this number saying they are the FBI and that they have money for me that I should send $150 to do the transaction wanting bank account and routing number I think I've been scammed
Posted by Danny
Wednesday, 02.21.2018 @ 09:32am
I keep getting calls from this number saying they are the FBI and that they have money for me that I should send $150 to do the transaction wanting bank account and routing number I think I've been scammed
Posted by Danny
Wednesday, 02.21.2018 @ 09:19am
I am getting calls from this number and more at least 20/30 a day , who is doing the calls!
Posted by Dana
Wednesday, 02.21.2018 @ 08:45am
where is this no coming from
Posted by Nicole
Wednesday, 02.21.2018 @ 08:36am
he/she called me twice. anyone can explain me about this issue ? :) respect
Posted by Martin
Wednesday, 02.21.2018 @ 08:15am
Eugene Register Guard soliciting phone number, one number in a series.
Posted by Former employee
Wednesday, 02.21.2018 @ 00:34am
No msg nobody on the line when answered
Posted by Bill
Tuesday, 02.20.2018 @ 23:35pm
calls and leaves no message
Posted by Bill
Tuesday, 02.20.2018 @ 21:17pm
Missed Call. I call back and get busy signal.
Posted by Denny
Tuesday, 02.20.2018 @ 19:58pm
thanks for the info
Posted by james
Tuesday, 02.20.2018 @ 17:07pm
The Rhode Island Blood Center calling to sign me up for a nearby event.
Posted by Pam
Tuesday, 02.20.2018 @ 11:52am
This # has called an average of 5-6 times a day. i only answered once to hear a loud "beep tone" & hung up quickly. should i report to verizon? is it a hacker? what the hell is it????
Tuesday, 02.20.2018 @ 11:27am
It called my house phone this morning.. silence on the other end..
Posted by Mimi
Tuesday, 02.20.2018 @ 11:22am
This gut is very aggressive.
Posted by Rick
Tuesday, 02.20.2018 @ 09:07am
Phone only rang once and then stopped, so don't know who it was. probably a pest-it usually is !!
Posted by willo
Tuesday, 02.20.2018 @ 08:38am
PPI call.
Posted by May
Tuesday, 02.20.2018 @ 07:57am
Rings so short does not give you time to answer.
Posted by Roger
Tuesday, 02.20.2018 @ 07:28am
Called me then hung up as I answered, maybe because I'm abroad
Posted by Robert
Tuesday, 02.20.2018 @ 07:20am
Received a phonecall using this number. Checked this website before considering whether to call back - I won't be calling back.
Posted by Seb
Tuesday, 02.20.2018 @ 06:27am
I think it is Sky Business or something? Two missed calls, no VM left. Called back but left on hold.
Posted by Leanne
Tuesday, 02.20.2018 @ 06:19am
This number called and hung up after 1/2 rings.

--- DO NOT CALL this number back! ---

As at May 2015 - 0843 / 0844 ' from a mobile you'll be paying up to 41p per minute, depending on your network provider, and up to 13p per minute from a landline. 0845 ' some landlines include these numbers in their free minutes but most of them don't. From a mobile, you'll pay up to 40p per minute and up to 12p from a landline
Posted by Paul
Tuesday, 02.20.2018 @ 05:34am
Call incessantly ... every day.
Posted by Frustrated
Tuesday, 02.20.2018 @ 04:52am
Blocked for dropping calls
Posted by Gaza
Tuesday, 02.20.2018 @ 04:41am
Called me constantly over a 5 minute period. I answered each time, and there was no response, only hang up.
Posted by Joseph
Monday, 02.19.2018 @ 23:24pm
Answered, had a pause and an indian accent asking for me by name. Hung up on the before they could explain themselves but pretty sure it was some telemarketing or insurance scheme.
Posted by amy
Monday, 02.19.2018 @ 21:54pm
I agree with Harry Home wrecker number she is..
Posted by deb
Monday, 02.19.2018 @ 15:50pm
My phone is in the Federal Do Not Call List. They called anyway, got the answering machine, left no message. I do not call back.
Posted by Answering Machine
Monday, 02.19.2018 @ 15:44pm
My phone is in the Federal Do Not Call List. They called anyway, got the answering machine, left no message. I do not call back.
Posted by Answering Machine
Monday, 02.19.2018 @ 15:37pm
They call me twice a week left no
Posted by Gina
Monday, 02.19.2018 @ 13:55pm
Took over this number recently, and getting many many calls from this 224-251-4910 I am finding it to be
Posted by .
Monday, 02.19.2018 @ 13:46pm
385-299-7177 2/19/18 call from ACE Industrial, tooling company. Previous history of unsolicited harrassing phone calls trying to sell tooling. Just today, received 3 phone calls 12:30pm, 12:58pm, 1:17pm.
Posted by NK
Monday, 02.19.2018 @ 13:18pm
me ha llamado y sin decir nada han colgado, seguro que es un timo!
Posted by pitopito
Monday, 02.19.2018 @ 13:12pm
This is Blue Door Painting, LLC in Chicago.

Blue Door Painting just called me and also left a message from this number to confirm my painting estimate.
Posted by Eva
Monday, 02.19.2018 @ 11:49am
Fortitude (Recruiter/Employment Agency)

1901 Gateway Drive, Suite 160
Irving, TX 70538
(469) 249-0700

Missed call and no voicemail
Posted by diego
Monday, 02.19.2018 @ 11:27am

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