Our relationship is based on lies and I love him anyway
Posted by Sandy
Monday, 09.13.2021 @ 13:26pm
Unknown caller, no message, nuisance value.
Posted by anon
Monday, 09.13.2021 @ 05:49am
Same as others. Blocked it.
Posted by lv
Friday, 09.10.2021 @ 17:52pm
This person keeps calling
Posted by Pat
Friday, 09.10.2021 @ 07:39am
this number shows Bell but from USA, it called this afternoon, I did not answer.
Posted by Meile
Tuesday, 08.31.2021 @ 16:04pm
I recieved calls from this +91 7305998967 number. I attended the call but no one replied.
Posted by D.William
Tuesday, 08.31.2021 @ 11:12am
I picked the call but no one speak back and they disconnect the call.
Posted by Jojo
Wednesday, 08.25.2021 @ 22:24pm
Caller representing a trade magazine that I subscribe to, asking if I wanted to continue receiving it for a further year. All details read out to me were those that I had previously provided and nothing of a 'sensitive' nature. No attempt to sell me anything (it is a free magazine!).
Posted by RED WINGS
Tuesday, 08.10.2021 @ 07:33am
Been getting calls from this number but no message sent prior to call to identify him/herself.
Posted by Lee
Tuesday, 08.10.2021 @ 02:57am
Says it is from City of Vancouver and won't leave a message or reply when I answer the call.
Posted by Casey
Friday, 08.6.2021 @ 17:05pm
The initial call happened at 12:47 pm California PST, and it is registered in Milpitas, California.
Posted by Breanna
Wednesday, 07.28.2021 @ 16:06pm
What has done to search for and provide info on this number 408-618-5161 who calls for no reason? It has called me twice today. I picked up and I didn't hear anything on the other end. It called again within seconds, I let it go to voicemail but the caller did not leave a message.
Posted by Breanna
Wednesday, 07.28.2021 @ 16:00pm
repeated calls to my work.. several times in a row at least once a week. IT's only a tone, there is no person or recording.
Posted by sharon
Tuesday, 07.27.2021 @ 10:09am
Posted by 60356243333
Friday, 07.23.2021 @ 05:16am
3 text messages a day claiming to be scottishpower urgently needing to discuss my account
Posted by Nate
Thursday, 07.22.2021 @ 12:24pm
This number looks suspicious
Posted by Kimeu
Monday, 07.19.2021 @ 04:04am
I love receiving his calls
Posted by Sin
Wednesday, 07.7.2021 @ 11:00am
Wednesday, 07.7.2021 @ 00:48am
Keep calling and sending messages. blocked then now using WhatsApp to call and send bullying and harassment
Please stop it
Posted by Dan
Tuesday, 06.29.2021 @ 08:45am
This number is calling me saying they are from RAKBank.. can you verify?
Posted by Ruel Hurtada
Tuesday, 06.29.2021 @ 07:49am
This number called me and he introduces himself as Antonio Garcia from Dept. of Secretary of Mexico. I was immediately put in a warning and did not give any information. However why is Dept. of Secretary of Mexico calling me!! I searched the number and the number does not list as any business or government entity.
Posted by Jeca
Monday, 06.14.2021 @ 15:39pm
phoned my mobile at 1am I was NOT happy to be woken up by this call and they left no message
Posted by X
Monday, 06.14.2021 @ 01:48am
This number is from a first time home buyers program. Not a nuisance call. Phone flagged as spam.
Posted by Dawn
Friday, 06.11.2021 @ 13:02pm
Scam making out they are HMRC tax office/fraud department and that one is about to be arrested - they are the very worst. Do not ever pay anyone who has called over the phone asking for money out of the blue.
Posted by public
Friday, 06.11.2021 @ 07:24am
Called from a private number and said qualified for rebate through Ontario Energy Rebate program of $300-900, but needed to come and do an efficiency check. Asked for a number to call back and was this one given - had blocked my number before calling - rude person on other end said "Who is this?". SCAM!
Posted by Jen
Thursday, 06.10.2021 @ 16:02pm
This number rang my 91 year old dad on sunday 6th june pushing him to arrange funeral cover and was very pushy even after my dad explained he had just lost his wife. They then said that in that case he definitely needed to arrange his funeral. If any one knows the name of this company please reply as I need to place a formal complaint as they upset a very old vulnerable man
Posted by Bev
Monday, 06.7.2021 @ 07:20am
Are you sure that is that number that called you because then please tell them they shouldn't be using data that don't belong to them and 8 will make sure they get the drift . Hey Frederic, how many time they called you and put 5he phone down roughly. ? Have you got dates or time? If you work for Telefonica or thought it was a funny joke. I hope you laugh enough and moved on. If you serious, I am genuinely asking for help thanks
Posted by Hey Frederic
Sunday, 05.30.2021 @ 17:36pm
This number called one speaks and when you call back number not in service. Every day or over two weeks I am plagued by 2 or 3 calls from 02037896+++ with different last 3 digits. I block them as they had tried calling me back. Sick of it
Posted by Jay
Tuesday, 05.25.2021 @ 07:49am
Called cell - Left no message
Posted by Connie
Tuesday, 05.18.2021 @ 10:34am
I was phoned by this number and user not known but incurred a massive charge on my phone account as this is an outside allowance number charged at 67p/minute
Posted by WW
Tuesday, 05.18.2021 @ 05:29am
2 short calls
I phoned back by mistake.
Lady starts talking about health.
Trying to keep me on phone.
Possibly some kind of hack or scam.
Posted by Maz
Monday, 05.17.2021 @ 07:21am
Representative of Hornsey Appliances calling to book a repair time for broken white goods.
Posted by Adam
Friday, 05.14.2021 @ 14:05pm
George returned a call, he is selling a car on Autotrader and he called me
Posted by Dina
Thursday, 05.13.2021 @ 07:44am
It's GCEN partners, who deal in foreign currency purchases and transfers. They'll only ring if your a customer.
Posted by Martin
Monday, 05.10.2021 @ 04:40am
Called from this number several times, did not leave message
Posted by Tyrone
Sunday, 05.9.2021 @ 23:56pm
I left this call to go to answer machine as my phone said it was international. No message was left, so assume it was a scam call. We are getting a lot at the moment.
Posted by Julie
Friday, 05.7.2021 @ 13:42pm
The number is only one of many with the same eight digits others include 02039866493, 02039866892, 02039866273 each time you block the number another one calls with the same first 8 numbers, have received up to seven calls today alone.
When u try to call back your unable too, one went through to answer machine and I could here what sounded like a call centre
Posted by No fool
Tuesday, 05.4.2021 @ 12:48pm
This guy is trying to scam people claiming he paid for items by sending fake emails that look to be from paypal
Posted by Dina
Wednesday, 04.14.2021 @ 11:57am
Anthony - liar and cheat. Ladies beware.
Posted by Anon
Sunday, 04.11.2021 @ 19:17pm
the person who owns this number is really cool and epic
Posted by anon
Monday, 03.29.2021 @ 05:23am
who is caller and from
Posted by absaar
Friday, 03.26.2021 @ 07:21am
Scam. Claims to be bank fraud department. Instead it is a real fraud. Only call numbers on the bank website.
Posted by Me
Thursday, 03.25.2021 @ 12:01pm
Crazy man on drugs say racist things to me! Why he do this? I call police on this Nick man!
Posted by Mohammed M Rahman
Thursday, 03.11.2021 @ 00:52am
No such number exists
Posted by Kiara
Wednesday, 03.10.2021 @ 15:46pm
Was to do with Tesco reimbursement
Posted by Paula
Wednesday, 03.10.2021 @ 14:56pm
said i won big bucks in publishers clearing house - SCAM
Posted by pc
Tuesday, 03.9.2021 @ 10:59am
Called me -- said they were going to run an Action Liability and I needed to call them right away. Never said in the recording who they were or what this was about. Seems like a scam to get money. The message said to call the 844-950-3910 but it came through as 903-201-8103.

Posted by Susana
Monday, 03.8.2021 @ 15:39pm
I could hear a crowded room in the background and an echo of my own voice about two seconds after speaking. I said "What is your name?" but there was no answer. I hung up.
Posted by withheld
Monday, 03.8.2021 @ 00:40am
Rang me earlier. I don't know anyone in York.
Posted by John
Thursday, 03.4.2021 @ 07:39am
I have had 2 missed calls from this number today - does not answer when picked up

likely scammer
Posted by smeee
Tuesday, 03.2.2021 @ 02:46am

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