When I answered there was a long silent pause, so I just hung up.
Posted by John
Friday, 09.18.2020 @ 10:19am
Used my name and said he was calling about the land..... (which could have meant something)
Presume they just keep reciting different things in the hope something will connect and they can start a dialogue
Posted by CJ Thomson
Thursday, 09.17.2020 @ 12:40pm
They text me a Tinder code!
Posted by Mel
Saturday, 09.5.2020 @ 06:26am
receive a call from 001650253200, they claiming that they are calling from google map and asking that business is open or close,
Posted by apex
Thursday, 09.3.2020 @ 06:15am
Would like to know the caller
Posted by Tshidi
Wednesday, 08.26.2020 @ 03:07am
Calling for applicants
Posted by Carlos
Tuesday, 07.28.2020 @ 08:34am
This isn't a scam! Use this monthly to pay bill. ATT uses this number for notification of when your bill is due plus give you easy option to pay with your info stored in their system - Not the text itself.

Posted by Not Important
Tuesday, 07.21.2020 @ 16:52pm
Always got a miss called from this number. I dont know why. What its want from me.
Posted by Fahmi
Tuesday, 07.14.2020 @ 08:57am
£13,85. Bt couldn't even tell me who the company was
Posted by Mags
Tuesday, 07.7.2020 @ 07:16am
This number everyday everytime calling my number.
Monday, 07.6.2020 @ 05:12am
+675 14423336268
Posted by Victor
Friday, 06.26.2020 @ 10:35am
Tooting Blood Donor Clinic
Posted by TP
Wednesday, 06.17.2020 @ 07:25am
This number keeps coming up as New Voicemail and when I went into it, it says no new voicemails. Obviously a scam, but I can't delete or block. It continually keeps beeping as a new message. Ver6 annoying.
Posted by Cathy Anscombe
Thursday, 05.7.2020 @ 05:20am
Called and asked me what is the color of my underware
Posted by Aira
Monday, 04.27.2020 @ 23:24pm
This number is being used by scammer. Extorting money
Posted by Harold
Sunday, 04.26.2020 @ 10:56am
This number is being used by scammer. Extorting money
Posted by Harold
Sunday, 04.26.2020 @ 10:52am
This number is being used by scammer. Extorting money
Posted by Harold
Sunday, 04.26.2020 @ 10:51am
I received a call from 803-780-1938 and did not answer. I called the number back from my work number but had a horrible time understanding the lady that answered. When I asked who she was or from where she was calling, she spoke very quickly and then asked what number I received a call on. I told her I would not give her any information and she interrupted me and yelled at me saying "Ma'am, you're not giving me any information...." I hung up on her and blocked the number. Rude caller...
Posted by Leigh
Monday, 03.16.2020 @ 15:31pm
This number called my phone once morning time, don't know who is the caller.
Posted by Ivan
Thursday, 02.20.2020 @ 23:07pm
Called twice at 9.11, 13 Feb no voicemail left.
Posted by Sarah
Thursday, 02.13.2020 @ 04:19am
Hello. Calls to this number are being screened by Smart call blocker. Please say your name after the tone, then press pound.
If they say their name and press pound they will hear... Please wait a moment while your call is connected. And If I don't already know them they will hear... 'Please leave a message after the beep.

Most seem to know the routine and never press the #. About 80 times per month!!!!

Posted by Willy
Wednesday, 02.12.2020 @ 17:08pm
I believe it's Debenhams watch and jewellery repairs based in Debenhams on Oxford Street in London too.
Posted by BPJ
Monday, 02.3.2020 @ 11:49am
SCAM: Recorded message "advising" me that my social security number is "under investigation for criminal activity" and I need to call to avoid legal action. I hope nobody falls for this crap. Trust me, the government doesn't send pre-recorded messages in broken English to address Social Security issues.
Posted by Scott
Monday, 02.3.2020 @ 10:43am
I have traded my iPhone via DixonsCarphone and those guys called me to advise that I need to remove my old device from my iCloud account to prevent my information getting into wrong hands.
Lady on the phone explained me the process (not asking for logins or passwords, just navigation on iCloud) and now I am sure that if my old phone will be sold, no one will be able to log into my iCloud account from it.
Posted by Karina
Monday, 02.3.2020 @ 05:10am
got a message saying my att payment is due-but I don't pay the bill, my mom does. not sure if its a scam or if my mom stopped paying.
Posted by randomblond
Friday, 01.31.2020 @ 12:41pm
received call (woman)from this number. asked to speak to our MD on a "personal business matter".
md dismissed the woman as "trying to sell something to the company"
she called later in the day, seemingly forgotten she had spoken to us earlier
sounds very shifty
Posted by guest
Tuesday, 01.28.2020 @ 06:39am
Stop leaving me unwanted text messages, scumbag.
Posted by Annoyed
Monday, 01.27.2020 @ 15:11pm
This is my number. It's been spoofed by robo caller.
Posted by Amy Bauer
Tuesday, 01.21.2020 @ 16:06pm
My phone number has been spoofed by spam robo-callers
Posted by Amy Bauer
Tuesday, 01.21.2020 @ 16:03pm
Called stating subject of a tax fraud and to press 1 to connect tot hem to discuss - hung up as thought would cost and then blocked number.
Posted by AndyP
Tuesday, 01.21.2020 @ 07:40am
This is amazon prime calling you needing to know where to put your package. Answer it.
Posted by Dee
Monday, 01.20.2020 @ 07:25am
Scammers operating as a collection agency on behalf of Just Energy. Claiming that you owe money and request payment.
Posted by Al
Saturday, 01.18.2020 @ 15:23pm
I received a call from this number saying it was a disability tax group that help people get approved for a disability tax credit
Posted by Lisa
Friday, 01.17.2020 @ 10:38am
CBD spam
Posted by qball
Thursday, 01.16.2020 @ 23:42pm
I think it's yellow pages checking your phone number is real.
Posted by Jay C
Tuesday, 01.7.2020 @ 11:04am
Called in anonymously and I was able to trace the call from the logs in MagicJack. This number is identified as a scam reported by many users.
Posted by Annoyed
Saturday, 01.4.2020 @ 02:29am
The phone number appears again in 2020 years...
What the police doing?
Posted by scca
Friday, 01.3.2020 @ 20:50pm
Enterprise Rent-A-Car company
Posted by H
Tuesday, 12.31.2019 @ 06:17am
This number called my phone, i didn't answer they left no voicemail nothing. Who is this and what so they want?
Posted by Kim
Friday, 12.20.2019 @ 08:21am
Called me and they even knew my name. Lady stated they were from Moore Solutions. I hung up.
Posted by Paul
Thursday, 12.19.2019 @ 20:52pm
Called Tuesday 12/10 at 12pm... No message nothing
Posted by Anonymous
Tuesday, 12.10.2019 @ 12:11pm
Had four calls today from this number. It hangs up when answered. I called back once and phone engaged, so blocked the number. However, blocking does not work as the number has a way of getting round call blocking. I am now fuming
Posted by Annette
Tuesday, 12.10.2019 @ 11:59am
Call from one of RHB bank agency -- HBG (at Menara UOA, Bangsar, KL.)
A girl
her sould like malay girl, not sure.
Posted by Eddie
Friday, 12.6.2019 @ 00:11am
A female with a smart voice called. Apparently my friend had answered the phone on Monday and said I was busy could she ring back. Sounded very confident of her 'facts'. Seemed to be suggesting I was losing my marbles. Looks like she was hoping I was a confused geriatric.
Posted by Colin
Wednesday, 12.4.2019 @ 12:38pm
recruitment company - Spotonconnections
Posted by stoney
Wednesday, 12.4.2019 @ 03:45am
Michelle. Nice girl
Posted by John
Saturday, 11.30.2019 @ 14:23pm
Primary Care Liaison Service, Bath, Somerset.
Posted by Lee
Friday, 11.29.2019 @ 10:29am
They rung me this morning wanting to make an appointment for tomorrow to have an ESA medical, said they would send taxi for me to get there and back, problem is I am not on any benefits.......
Posted by Janb
Thursday, 11.28.2019 @ 08:48am
01582484296 all me every 5 minutes,i.m dont took.afraid.
Posted by oleg
Tuesday, 11.26.2019 @ 03:46am
It is bogus support from Talk Talk Broadband. It is a scam.
Posted by Arthur
Monday, 11.25.2019 @ 06:29am

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