This number is for Rothwell Shackleton
Posted by Steve
Monday, 09.16.2019 @ 09:14am
Called my work, said if they did not hear back from me in 2 hours they were sending an officer on site to serve me within 24 hours. I called them back and they answered "Hello, Law Firm"...strangely unspecific. I gave her my case number and she asked me to verify my social security number, which I did not, so she conveniently could not give me information on my case. I told her about the call to my work and she said she would put a note in my file to have them serve me at my home. Has scam written all over it.
Posted by TN
Friday, 09.13.2019 @ 12:23pm
Keeps calling and advised has legal action pending once address and employment verified
Posted by Thomas
Thursday, 09.12.2019 @ 12:19pm
ATO scammer called us
Wanting our credit card number to pay them $77,000
Criminal Internet scammer
Posted by Tim
Tuesday, 09.10.2019 @ 22:46pm
Who is this?
Posted by Jada
Tuesday, 09.10.2019 @ 17:22pm
It's Anglian water board
Posted by Dips
Monday, 09.9.2019 @ 14:24pm
Michelle. She's a hustler
Posted by Joe
Monday, 09.9.2019 @ 06:35am
Claimed to be BT calling about my internet. - SCAM!
Posted by paul
Monday, 09.9.2019 @ 04:45am
I've gotten over 50 calls from them since Wednesday of this week my phone logs it as scam likely.
Posted by Jessica
Friday, 09.6.2019 @ 19:55pm
Called. Left voice message with heavy breathing. Harrassment and annoying caller 7/12/19 856pm.
Posted by Jimmy house
Friday, 09.6.2019 @ 17:27pm
Kelley O'Donnell texts almost everyday. Occasionally asks for money for a charity run she is doing. Has been texting for over a year. I blocked her number. She has even emailed me. She claims to have a disability. Don't know if spam or not. Just annoying!
Posted by Justin
Thursday, 09.5.2019 @ 23:01pm
connected to check fraud
Posted by leroy b.
Thursday, 09.5.2019 @ 09:40am
Xero Limited.
Posted by Artur
Wednesday, 09.4.2019 @ 05:28am
Told me this is concerning legal issue and a "Compliant" against me ... Has to be a scam gave me phone # and case # to call. This is not how the legal system works to my understanding.
Posted by Darkwaters
Tuesday, 09.3.2019 @ 17:59pm
Posted by Ian
Tuesday, 09.3.2019 @ 09:44am
They call and have a boy say he's your grandson who was one point over legal limit and needs $9500 cash to get him out of jail. Send cash. I pray they rot in hell. They prey on the elderly.
Posted by Grandma
Saturday, 08.31.2019 @ 14:33pm
Scam call - it was a recording that said I needed to give them my Social Security number or I would soon be arrested
Posted by Evelyn
Friday, 08.30.2019 @ 15:49pm
This is a scam where they try and make you update credit card details for Microsoft services
Posted by MB1
Friday, 08.30.2019 @ 04:34am
Caller ID says Sterling, VA Rang 4 times, did not answer. No message.
Posted by Gail Runion
Thursday, 08.29.2019 @ 13:01pm
I got a text from this #- said a security hold was placed on my US Bank Debit Card. I called and it wanted me to input my card #, then asked for the expiration date. I hung up. Pretty sure if I was calling US Bank they wouldn't need the expiration date.
***Update- I called back and entered a made up card # and expiration date. Then it asked for the security code, the primary cardholder's social security number and the billing zip code!
Posted by Lisa
Tuesday, 08.27.2019 @ 22:36pm
Missed call, returned; got a business-like sounding woman who started off with this call will be monitored, identified herself as "Angela Mc(Something)" and asked to speak to someone with a name that sounded similar to mine, but was not mine (first nor last). I said no, and asked who she was/she was calling for. She paused slightly and then said, "Is (similar name) available?" I said no, not at this number more forcefully. She then rephrased the same question slightly. I said "NO, wrong number, stop calling, and I demand to know the company name". She hung up. I am nervous because of a slight rise in this type of call since we made an online order of dubious provenance (but with security measures in place). I have not been able to find any kind of name associated with this in any of the call reporting logs, but I did find that at one time anyway, the number belonged to Avant Garde Locksmith in Portland. It may well be that they've given up the number or been hacked; I certainly have never done business with them, owe them *no* debts, etc. If anyone has a name, please post it.
Posted by Jex
Tuesday, 08.27.2019 @ 18:59pm
creglist scammer phony fishing for elderly people 2 rip off stay away or call police
Posted by dave
Monday, 08.26.2019 @ 18:38pm
Just called and left a message about SSN fraud in south texas.
Posted by Boltzman
Monday, 08.26.2019 @ 16:10pm
Some snotty b@tch
Posted by Lisa:-)
Monday, 08.26.2019 @ 12:41pm
They called, went through to voicemail, no message left
Posted by Gordon
Sunday, 08.25.2019 @ 08:57am
Called on a Saturday and said they were calling from Humana and left an identity number to reference...
Posted by Gsa
Saturday, 08.24.2019 @ 16:31pm
Got miss call
Posted by Tan
Saturday, 08.24.2019 @ 04:57am
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Posted by Christopher Carnarvon
Friday, 08.23.2019 @ 01:11am
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Posted by Mr Touha Hossain
Thursday, 08.22.2019 @ 08:34am
Beware this is a catfish
Posted by Heidi
Thursday, 08.22.2019 @ 01:44am
Bottom feeder scam debt collector. Buys old debt records, almost all have been dropped from normal records and have fallen off any credit report, in hopes to scam you out of money. They WILL call your relatives using an online database of public records in hopes to trick them into giving out your personal information. REPEAT AFTER ME... There is no Lawsuit. There is no Civil Case. There is No Debt. Nobody is calling HR. Nobody is serving papers at your home, work or business. If you call them and try to argue with them or attempt to negotiate with them you may "restart" the clock on old debt. If you do pick up this phone number it's on you. NEVER EVER EVER call this number. Just calling will log your phone number in their database and they will call back incessantly.
Posted by Fester
Wednesday, 08.21.2019 @ 16:50pm
Called but left no message.
Posted by Tom
Wednesday, 08.21.2019 @ 03:53am
This number belongs to a guy that is a complete liar. Don't believe a word
Posted by Claire
Tuesday, 08.20.2019 @ 20:14pm
Criminal caller, tries to determine if you have a cell phone or a home phone. If you press the button for a cell phone then they will hack your cell phone. That will immediately result in identity THEFT
Posted by Police Officer
Tuesday, 08.20.2019 @ 18:57pm
Received two phone calls saying there is a possible lawsuit against me because of suspicious activity on my social.
Posted by Joe
Tuesday, 08.20.2019 @ 18:42pm
Caller left a message saying my Social Security number was being suspended and a lawsuit being filed against me due to suspicious activity on my Social! The only suspicious activity are these scam phone calls!
Posted by Vin
Tuesday, 08.20.2019 @ 16:07pm
The man (Juan "Bear" Ulibarri) has been my boyfriend since 2016, and this is the same number he had since then. I am asking the girl from Denny's to please return his phone asap. Family photos and numbers needed.
Posted by Christine Bolin
Tuesday, 08.20.2019 @ 13:43pm
Says they from Brunel & Lewis but they based in Cyprus.
Posted by ...
Tuesday, 08.20.2019 @ 13:42pm
the person pretends to be from the tax fraud investigation - trying to get you to give them your info...
Posted by abc
Tuesday, 08.20.2019 @ 11:16am
Seems like they are back at it. I got that text today. they wanted to know if I was responsible for the phone and should text them back if so. I would assume that if AT&T really wanted to get a hold of me, they would call. Based on all the comments above - I assume scam.
Posted by JP
Monday, 08.19.2019 @ 16:42pm
Left message stating to call and give a 2,500 deposit to
collect $ from PCH
Posted by Chris
Monday, 08.19.2019 @ 15:51pm
They kept calling and harassing you
Posted by Na
Friday, 08.16.2019 @ 19:48pm
Proative Personnel in Telford
Posted by AnnMarie
Friday, 08.16.2019 @ 06:12am
CBC News published a story about this scam

Posted by Wayne Cook
Thursday, 08.15.2019 @ 04:20am
Just received miss call from this no
Posted by Lin
Tuesday, 08.13.2019 @ 04:58am
Scam call, requesting your email.......don't give it.
Will offer to buy some of your shareholding, at inflated prices for a client, then sting you later for admin or other such fees.
Completely unsolicited approach and against share trading practices.
Posted by PMD
Monday, 08.12.2019 @ 14:40pm
Calling me with a message saying that I had committed fraud using my ssn and they were going to suspend it
Posted by Thomas
Monday, 08.12.2019 @ 14:11pm
Was Fantastic Services (a cleaning/handyman service) calling me about a booking I had made with them
Posted by Ali
Monday, 08.12.2019 @ 04:01am
They called and demanded access to my computer. Also they were displeased over comments about forcing them to eat pork. They then kept calling every few minutes. Finally I got out of bed and put the number in my junk fax blocker. I strongly believe they are raising funds by accessing peoples computers then charging ransom to allow them back in. This same scheme has been going around for years.

They even phoned a friend of mine and told her they had been receiving info that her computer network had been hacked. my friend has no computer
Posted by Raymond Bowersock
Sunday, 08.11.2019 @ 22:06pm
I answered, to be met with a synthesised voice saying something along the lines that there was a tax fraud case registered against me and I need to press 1 to connect to the HMRC agent handling my case. Seriously ? I somehow don't think that is how HMRC would inform someone of a tax investigation. Obviously some kind of scam. I of course dropped the call.
Posted by Mr B
Friday, 08.9.2019 @ 08:47am

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