do not trust
Posted by jay
Saturday, 12.3.2016 @ 03:46am

Got a spam call from a US sounding lady at 1148 am 20161202 to my do not call number. Lady was polite but she was doing something illegal - perhaps she had been told otherwise, but this was a Medical scam call to a do not call number.

When I asked her company name she said it was Spinnacle Technologies.
She said that I had asked them to call me regarding non-prescription non-narcotic pain killers.
That is completely false. I told her I am not in pain and that I do not have a back injury, that I have never requested anyone to call me and that my phone was on the do not call list. At which point, the lady said that I had. So I asked her to be specific and tell me from what source - she couldn't tell me. Then she said she was a legitimate company. I asked her to take me off her list, to never call me again. Also reported to the FCC, because although I don't see my spam calls stopping, I can't complain if I don't fill out the report form.

Posted by Richy Dingo
Friday, 12.2.2016 @ 15:58pm
Veteran Foundation seeking donations
Posted by Rose
Friday, 12.2.2016 @ 15:32pm
Serial Scammer. Places fictitious classified adverts and ask for payment via bank transfer. Bank details given are Barclays Bank, Hanover Square, London sort code 20-36-47 Account number 93227782 name of account holder Optimal Payments ltd. You have been warned!
Posted by Paul
Friday, 12.2.2016 @ 15:03pm
This phone number belongs to a London drug dealer. He is absolutely insane and will rob and possible hurt you. DO NOT pick up. DO NOT contact him. Block his number and report to the police.
Posted by SigridS
Friday, 12.2.2016 @ 14:53pm
Posted by FRIDAY
Friday, 12.2.2016 @ 14:51pm
Technical Support for Microsoft and Mac Computers ( Out of warranty and Security Solutions)
Posted by Pico Tech
Friday, 12.2.2016 @ 13:48pm
It's Hello Fresh.
Posted by Caren
Friday, 12.2.2016 @ 13:03pm
Company claim to be Arrive Mobility

Call centre, english speakers

hang up when ask why they are calling
Posted by Tim
Friday, 12.2.2016 @ 12:35pm
I missed a called from this number 0110712600
Posted by Ophelia
Friday, 12.2.2016 @ 10:58am
Scammers for sure
Posted by Katherine Mcloughlin
Friday, 12.2.2016 @ 06:35am
Four calls from 02031293421 to my mothers phone. These dishonest Indians are after your money. Whatever they say just hang up and never give out any personal details over the phone.
Sadly we live in a world where, around every corner, someone is trying to trip up an unsuspecting, honest person.
These people spend their day lying for whichever lowlife they work for.
That's very sad.
Posted by Kryton
Friday, 12.2.2016 @ 05:35am
This number calls frequently. I have not answered but when I dialled the number I got a recorded message which repeated the word Music.
Posted by Gill Udal
Friday, 12.2.2016 @ 03:17am
This is what I just received from someone
RM0.00 Home Direct Shopping:Tahniah! Eng,Tarikh lahir anda 28-7 berpeluang memenangi Hadiah Utama.Tel 0374516116!Hanya sah 24jam
Posted by Eng
Friday, 12.2.2016 @ 01:35am
20161202 1000 Fri Prank Call +6531630928
Capital Via Singapore
Comex Forex, CFD
Pick up no body answer
Posted by ai yah
Thursday, 12.1.2016 @ 22:01pm
Unsolicited, unknown, missed call
Posted by Jan
Thursday, 12.1.2016 @ 21:03pm
Received a call from someone claiming the name "Harry". Say's he lives in the Houston, TX area (Cypress, TX, specifically). Asking me if I can do some work for him - and I we accept credit cards. Most definitely a scam.
Posted by Chas
Thursday, 12.1.2016 @ 19:28pm
health care spa.
Posted by Frances
Thursday, 12.1.2016 @ 17:59pm
Posted by Kay
Thursday, 12.1.2016 @ 17:45pm
This number rang my parents tonight. Lots of background noise, like a pub or busy restaurant. Caller said he was a friend of mine (and used my forename), then proceeded to ask if my parents were the householders and said he wanted to discuss an "investment opportunity". Luckily parents hung up, did 1471, then rang me. Don't think it's anyone who actually knows me as I'm not usually known by my full forename
Posted by J
Thursday, 12.1.2016 @ 16:19pm
Got a call from this number (I am in the UK) at 6.21pm. They asked for Mr [my surname]. I replied that I was that person speaking. They said it was the [name of local newspaper]. They asked me whether I had noticed in the paper anything about special offers to people who subscribe to the home delivery service and as I do get my paper delivered (the name of the company I pay for the service is not the same as the name of the paper) I thought they must be genuine. I said I hadn't noticed. So they said if I subscribe I would get the special offers etc and said to set it up they needed my email address, so I gave my email address and they gave me a password to log in (but didn't give me the web address). They said I would get confirmation next week. I have described what happened here as accurately as I can remember (a couple of hours after it happened.
Posted by Matthew
Thursday, 12.1.2016 @ 16:06pm
Did not answer but they left no voicemail.
Posted by lisa
Thursday, 12.1.2016 @ 15:28pm
The number provided for me to call back to get the $9,000.00 federal grant award money I have been selected to receive.
There are no free lunches.
I know is a scam without having to even call.
Posted by Edu
Thursday, 12.1.2016 @ 15:12pm
Sending letters of collections to Good Standing Rogers Customer TV service saying the owe money $2000+ for a wireless account, I do not have a wireless account with Rogers. Payment options are on the letter which go to an overseas account and address is a Markham BO Box. Good thing I am a smart Consumer.
Posted by Smart Consumer
Thursday, 12.1.2016 @ 10:33am
Who is that ? Some company ?
Posted by Kamil Matejczuk
Thursday, 12.1.2016 @ 10:09am
I got a call from this number today
Posted by Cindy
Thursday, 12.1.2016 @ 09:50am
Indian scammers. Tell you there is something written no with your computer in order to gain remote access to your data. Just please t the phone down on these idiots
Posted by Dal
Thursday, 12.1.2016 @ 09:10am
Annoying Call centre
Posted by San
Thursday, 12.1.2016 @ 08:51am
Who's number is this
Posted by Brenda
Thursday, 12.1.2016 @ 08:42am
This number never called the listed people as it doesn't dial out without credit!
Posted by T
Thursday, 12.1.2016 @ 08:04am
Repeated calls from this unknown caller -- No message left by this pest.
Posted by Cord
Thursday, 12.1.2016 @ 07:58am
Picked my mobile up to answer this call. On phone display it said Isle of Arran, I picked it up and said hello and a lady on the line was also saying hello. I asked who she was and she replied, "you rang me" I didn't!
Next min we heard anot her voice saying, hello! A male voice. I immediately put phone down.
Very odd I must say.
Don't ring bk because after one ring it goes straight to answer phone.
Posted by Chez
Thursday, 12.1.2016 @ 06:19am
Called me, Tried ringing back but no one picks up....
Posted by Luke
Thursday, 12.1.2016 @ 05:49am
Ocado driver
Posted by A.
Thursday, 12.1.2016 @ 05:34am
Same case like u guys. Who called us anyway??
Posted by Ril
Wednesday, 11.30.2016 @ 23:00pm
Same. Never answer the call. My fault for not registering the domain private and putting an actual phone number.
Posted by S
Wednesday, 11.30.2016 @ 18:56pm
Registered a domain two days ago been getting spammed all day
Posted by H
Wednesday, 11.30.2016 @ 18:23pm
Don't you ever call this number again.If you call this number again I am going to report you.And you will be considered a criminal because you guys stole my identification information if you try again I will sue you.

from Eulalie Luzinga
Posted by Eulalie Luzinga
Wednesday, 11.30.2016 @ 17:49pm
Country dialing code +882 33 / 00882 33 belongs to Oration Technologies also called " Wangiri Telephone Fraud"
Posted by ed
Wednesday, 11.30.2016 @ 15:50pm
This is a scam. They are also advertising 2be/1 bath house for rent on CL extremely cheap. Name used this time by Van orden.
They do not own the house. Spoke with owner. Scam beware..
Posted by Brenda
Wednesday, 11.30.2016 @ 13:32pm
Calls 3 times.
Posted by Renee
Wednesday, 11.30.2016 @ 12:53pm
Terra State-calling to give information on registering for classes
Posted by Ninny
Wednesday, 11.30.2016 @ 12:18pm
This lady called me twice from 'love' something I can't recall. Her name was Katy. On the 2nd call I politely asked her not to call my landline number again and she refused!
Posted by Sharon walker
Wednesday, 11.30.2016 @ 11:07am
Rang three times in one day but left no message.
Posted by Ben
Wednesday, 11.30.2016 @ 10:53am
Block this number just another sales scam
Posted by Tothill
Wednesday, 11.30.2016 @ 09:41am
Rang land line 3 times, no one spoke.
Posted by Tracey
Wednesday, 11.30.2016 @ 09:36am
arrowxl delivery calling to confirm delivery in next hour
Posted by julesg
Wednesday, 11.30.2016 @ 09:13am
This is the Hedgestone Group this one of their numbers based in South Africa, they are spread over a few countries. Intrnational licence based in Belize + + ?
Posted by Harris
Wednesday, 11.30.2016 @ 09:07am
This is the Hedgestone Group this one of their numbers based in South Africa, they are spread over a few countries. Intrnational licence based in Belize + + ?
Posted by Harris
Wednesday, 11.30.2016 @ 09:07am
another nuisance scammer i guess says from Talk Talk
called me a bxxxxx time waster
Posted by keith
Wednesday, 11.30.2016 @ 08:39am

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