Permanently blocked with the push of a button on my new phone. Yea baby yeah!
Posted by Shane
Sunday, 08.20.2017 @ 12:42pm
Es un estafador, se queda el dinero y no envía nada.
Posted by Joan
Sunday, 08.20.2017 @ 10:07am
False call do not response
Had phone call last night thanks on review n didnt bother to go next day all fine
Posted by Patel
Sunday, 08.20.2017 @ 06:44am
Possible scam
Posted by Phil
Saturday, 08.19.2017 @ 17:03pm
Called me at 8 30 on a Saturday evening i answered the call and i was greeted by the voice of what seemed to be a old lady saying ( you should not be on Trusted Trader your Rubbish) ????

Oh dear me some people have to much time on there hands!!!!!
Posted by James
Saturday, 08.19.2017 @ 15:56pm
Blue Shield survey number
Posted by Karrie
Saturday, 08.19.2017 @ 15:05pm
AEON insurance
Posted by Mark Chern
Saturday, 08.19.2017 @ 01:03am
Getting calls from this number about 3 times per day...what a bother!
They claim to be with Bank of America, although they are not. No one
ever comes on, just an automated system asking for personal info...Ive been
a customer with BofA for over 25 years and have never been called by them so...
I figured this was some of kind of scam! Just wish they would STOP with the calls!
Posted by Claudia
Friday, 08.18.2017 @ 17:27pm
Lef no message. Calls untraceable are scams.
Posted by Dushan29
Friday, 08.18.2017 @ 17:27pm
Follow up from ealier report:
Number called me again. This time, I was able to irritate the caller to the point of throwing F bombs at me and started referring to mothers and sisters.

I made it a point to let him know that his number isn't reachable. I persisted in asking for a callback number, to no avail.

No need for further opinions, just watch here for more of the same.
I warned him that I've submitted reports online about the number.
Posted by annoyed
Friday, 08.18.2017 @ 17:25pm
Number is spoofed. No use trying to call back. Just program it into your block list!
Caller is scammer, attempts to convince me that he (heavy accent) is with the US Treasury, and has a one-time deal for me...blah blah blah.
Asked for his first and last name and Department number and extension number repeatedly and forcefully. He ended up hanging up.
Sounds real legit, right??
Posted by annoyed
Friday, 08.18.2017 @ 16:01pm
Spam hang up call
Posted by Do Not Call List
Friday, 08.18.2017 @ 15:26pm
This is a scam phone call. They called asking for money from a loan that I took out into 2012. I did not take a loan out in 2012. When I started asking for proof they started getting nasty and threatening to take me to court then started cussing at me. Don't fall for this scam!
Posted by Joy
Friday, 08.18.2017 @ 14:38pm
got a couple of calls from this number, never picked up
Posted by Jeff
Friday, 08.18.2017 @ 14:37pm
This was a call from Wayfair (online home goods merchant) to verify my purchase was personal, not for a business. I did order something from them yesterday so it's legit.
Posted by SeaGal
Friday, 08.18.2017 @ 12:56pm
They call then hang up. Two or Three times a day. ROBO CALL SCAM!!
Posted by coondog
Friday, 08.18.2017 @ 12:15pm
This is Barclaycard fraud prevention number. I received the call today from this number and the automated voice mentioned my full name and the month and year of birth. After confirming this information by pressing number 1 on the keypad the IVR informed me that my card with numbers ending with XXXX has been compromised and a replacement will be issued. The call ended with the option to speak to an adviser.
Posted by M
Friday, 08.18.2017 @ 10:56am
Claiming to be business qualified $250,000 loan.
Posted by Ryan
Friday, 08.18.2017 @ 10:54am
Called, left no message.
Posted by Julie
Friday, 08.18.2017 @ 08:40am
Calling every day for several weeks claiming to be Total Management about an accident I didn't have. Complained to TPS who can't trace them, so def NOT legit!
Posted by Trina Lotinga
Friday, 08.18.2017 @ 08:06am
The number is from Reed Global Career/job Agency...
Posted by Gazoor
Friday, 08.18.2017 @ 05:37am
65918654 is Beaute Hub
Posted by Anon
Friday, 08.18.2017 @ 03:27am
Keeps calling and never leaves messages
Posted by Karen
Thursday, 08.17.2017 @ 20:18pm
Calls from this number keep happening and no one is ever there.
Posted by Jon V
Thursday, 08.17.2017 @ 12:50pm
Someone calling himself Paul rang from this number, claiming to be something to do with replacing loft insulation in Surrey. When I asked which company he worked for, he disconnected.
Posted by Jerry
Thursday, 08.17.2017 @ 11:05am
i am so tired of receiving phone calls from just about every state or unknown phone number. is there a way to screen these calls before they call? i am handicapped and just getting to the phone is a hassle to me. then, its either a dead line or some telemarketer. very stressed out.
Posted by luann
Thursday, 08.17.2017 @ 10:48am
Repeatedly calling, not always on end of phone. No messages left, not saying why ringing.
Posted by Davis
Thursday, 08.17.2017 @ 09:22am
No clue no message NO ANSWER
Posted by Person
Wednesday, 08.16.2017 @ 15:08pm
Called few times and today at 11:50am..don't answer numbers I don't know
Posted by Kathy
Wednesday, 08.16.2017 @ 11:54am
Got a call from this number yesterday. Didn't answer. Got another call today, it was an older woman explaining something about a program for my young child that sounded all too good to be true. At first she sounded professional. But then it got weird. She knew my name, my son's age and my mom's name. Since I'm not a dumbass and I know I don't give out my number I asked her how she knew my mom. Her tone of voice changed. She claimed my mother had given her my number. Luckily my mom was next to me so I asked her and she said she did not. WOOPS! She immediately became defensive, aggressive and started insulting my mom saying she had bad memory for forgetting ever giving out my info. BEWARE OF THESE PEOPLE!!! They find your info online or through a third party then try to scam you in whichever way they can. I'm not a newbie to scammers so I catch all the red flag before they get me. If you get a phone call from these people I suggest you block and report.
Posted by a
Wednesday, 08.16.2017 @ 11:17am
Called me today bit nobody spoke. Tried to call back and its an invalid number.
Posted by Andrew
Wednesday, 08.16.2017 @ 09:55am
Received a letter from this company - Saving Energy Group Ltd - asking me to contact them on the 0800 772 3663 number to arrange for a surveyor to visit about energy savings that I had paid for through the tax on my energy bills. Looked a bit dodgy so I did a company search. This company only has several £00 of assets and is technically insolvent and the director, Jonathan Gooch, has two former companies involved in LED lighting and solar panels which have both been dissolved. I rang Trading Standards who informed me that they are aware of this company and that the letter is a scam.
Posted by Bidda
Wednesday, 08.16.2017 @ 09:44am
this number calls every day dont know who thay are can you help please. 02036346766
Posted by tony
Wednesday, 08.16.2017 @ 06:48am
This number appeared on my BT phone bill, BT say I need to pay the bill £81.90 scam please report this number and stop this scam.
Posted by Jones
Wednesday, 08.16.2017 @ 04:22am
Calling REPEATEDLY all day. No message.
Posted by Sue Nick
Tuesday, 08.15.2017 @ 23:14pm
Asian voice rang my 14 YR old daughters number a few times. I eventually answered, and they asked for my daughter by name. I told them she was only 14 and the cheeky git, tried to make out shed lied about her age and entered their lottery! I 100% know this isn't true. Bastards could've gotten her into trouble. Something needs to be done about these parasites NOW!!!
Posted by Paul
Tuesday, 08.15.2017 @ 22:18pm
They keep ringing but don't leave a message
Posted by Katrina
Tuesday, 08.15.2017 @ 21:50pm
Many many calls for the last week at all hours with no messages left!
Posted by Amanda
Tuesday, 08.15.2017 @ 21:32pm
I did not answer. Went to voice mail. Message was silent. These people have no life.
Posted by Becca
Tuesday, 08.15.2017 @ 19:02pm
robocall that leaves this message -

Here's important news for folks over 40 if you're between the ages of 40 an 80 you can now get the basic life insurance you need at the guaranteed best rates available, with no medical exam.

You get it fixed rate your price will never go up, and you were covered right away the very first day super free information in rates with no obligation just say your name and age now after the tone.
Posted by Mooch
Tuesday, 08.15.2017 @ 14:36pm
This number is from a DEBT COLLECTOR - EOS USA
Posted by Gary The Plug43
Tuesday, 08.15.2017 @ 12:39pm

This phone number is mine, however, I am not making these calls. The scammers are making it look like they are calling from this number, they are not!
Posted by she
Tuesday, 08.15.2017 @ 11:42am
I pick up but no one responds and the line goes dead. Must be a boiler room or robo lead in call. Block.
Posted by John Doe
Tuesday, 08.15.2017 @ 11:18am
I have tried to check out this number's location. It moves from location to location. the first time it locked on an address in Roodepoort, now ifind it in Midrand. there is no caler address id linked to this number. You should try it. how is this type of thing allowed in our country.
Posted by Paula
Tuesday, 08.15.2017 @ 10:50am
Calls several times a day at various times. Caller ID shows IMC, no idea what that represents.
Posted by JB
Tuesday, 08.15.2017 @ 10:02am
They've been calling me non stop today. I answer and they hang up. I called back and their nr is busy
Posted by Centauri
Tuesday, 08.15.2017 @ 08:43am
Had numerous calls from Malik/Mahek. They pass the phone between themselves representating Opus energy, Eon energy or what ever energy supplier. They claim to be working on behalf of the uk government trying to save money. They want all your personal data, DOB, bank name, sort code account number, your address.

This is their script every time they call
You are paying too much gas and electric
we can save you lots of money
we can get back your money from your current supplier
Can I have your full name, full address, date of birth

I will be your personal account manager Mehak/Malik
your account managers direct number is 0208 133 1295
We are part of UK Government Regulator
We are in the objection handling department

to qualify for 7.5% discount on both gas and electric we need your full bank details to verify you qualify for the discount

You will only pay £170-£340 quarterly bill for both fuels forever

We will send the documents in the post and only if you sign them we will process this.

At this point you have pretty much given them everything to go ahead with the process, even without your consent.

Next wait for a whopping big bill with lots of extra charges, fixed in for the next 2 years.

They have obviously picked up your contact number from somewhere and sell really hard. Just keep calm, don't give them personal information, decline politely.

Hope this helps someone :)
Posted by Ijaz
Tuesday, 08.15.2017 @ 08:40am
They called but didn't leave a message
Posted by Mark
Tuesday, 08.15.2017 @ 06:54am
they are scammers f**k them
Posted by osama
Tuesday, 08.15.2017 @ 06:20am
Call from a firm dealing with previous insurance enquiries from self. Seems ok
Posted by Angela Chapel
Tuesday, 08.15.2017 @ 06:00am

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