kudrat partner, collector
Posted by Saw
Monday, 07.24.2017 @ 05:33am
07520 615111 / +447520 616111
Didn't address me by name, so I was suspicious. "We had an enquiry from Mr. Carvalho looking for a architect pro in Hayes, but all our members are busy. If you're able to assist reply YES or STOP to halt."

Nobody would look for an 'architect pro', as an architect would be professional anyway. And if it was somebody who did know me they would never has said 'reply YES or STOP..', they'd have said give me a call.

This is obviously spam marketing and totally unsolicited.
Posted by Andrew
Monday, 07.24.2017 @ 05:04am

Didn't leave a message, so I assume it's a nuisance call
Posted by Puzzler
Monday, 07.24.2017 @ 00:57am
I don't know if it's a scam, but it's certainly a nuisance.
Posted by J Sutherland
Sunday, 07.23.2017 @ 12:57pm
I didn't pick up but the call left a voicemail that was a recorded message that started from the time the voicemail started. From what I gathered it was a call from a free call from an inmate in prison. Didn't get the info of which prison since I only got the portion of the call message that the voicemail recorded.
Posted by Stephanie
Sunday, 07.23.2017 @ 10:34am
Posted by Chen
Saturday, 07.22.2017 @ 22:49pm
I called this number and the message says " The number is not in service"? Sounds like a spam call to me. I blocked the number through my Verzion plan.
Posted by Dee
Saturday, 07.22.2017 @ 11:49am
Multiple calls from a call center in India. They seem to target people in marketing.
Posted by Justin
Friday, 07.21.2017 @ 16:23pm
Scammers running fruadulent security business called "American Firearms Academy" trying to take money by offering various security job offers.
Posted by Anonymous
Friday, 07.21.2017 @ 14:46pm
Called and hung up 7/21/17: 10:35 am
Soon I Park was caller ID
Posted by Hank Hill
Friday, 07.21.2017 @ 13:44pm
rang twice then hung up
Posted by jane
Friday, 07.21.2017 @ 11:26am
The caller hung up when I answered.
Posted by Stu
Friday, 07.21.2017 @ 09:32am
scam, asked about daughter and her loan. wanted info about her. called at 6am. can't hardly speak english or understand it.Scam Scam Scam tired of them...almost everyday now. The Feds need to do something about these people.
Posted by mike
Friday, 07.21.2017 @ 09:30am
phones up to 20 times on land line and mobile!!
Posted by ellu
Friday, 07.21.2017 @ 08:20am
Likely scammer.. indian dialect detected by my caller id as simon.. told me i have a debt buying medical equipment which im sure i didnt bought it. As i question it, he started to get angry...

Clearly a scammers behaviour
Posted by Boy
Friday, 07.21.2017 @ 07:23am
After missing 9 calls in the space of a week (4 on one day), I phoned the number back and got the message (not a person, you note) informing me that they had called me 'on behalf of ????'. For ??? insert the name of any of the big energy companies, such as EDF, Scottish Power, etc. though in my case it happened to be the name of my energy company, so I phoned them to ask why/if they had been phoning me. They had not. Moreover, they said they would not do this and they were able to confirm that these are scammers, pretending to represent one or other energy company in the hope of persuading you to switch to 'a better deal' with them than they will claim you have with your existing company. They then get you to give them important personal information including your bank details. Do not do this. Block the number if your phone allows you to do this then report them to the Information Commissioner's Office ( who will prosecute if they get enough complaints.
Posted by BB
Friday, 07.21.2017 @ 05:38am
Time Warner/Spectrum offering Package deals, promotions - Legit! Annoying but Legit, they are just looking for non contract promos & service upgrades. They don't leave a message. Not a scam or random for a change, I guess!
Posted by LiaRockNyc
Thursday, 07.20.2017 @ 19:02pm
One ring heard..Your number has been successfully added then hung up
Posted by Shaun
Thursday, 07.20.2017 @ 17:36pm
I told them I'm on "DO NOT CALL LIST", they said they don't care.
Posted by Tiff
Thursday, 07.20.2017 @ 16:20pm
This person is a scammer. Sent fake cashier's check for furniture payment, "accidentally" included money in check for "movers" as well. Capital One Bank informed me the funds were safe to use and they were not, check was reversed and this guy made off with $1,200.
Caller: Individual - Maxwell Powell, Robert Nolan Garner, Tony

Posted by Patricia
Thursday, 07.20.2017 @ 13:49pm
This number was leaving several automated messages regarding an unknown person. Finally I called back and an obnoxiously rude person answered and attempted to gather info from me such as names of staff and clients (we are a social services agency). When I refused, this number called back and spoke to our Executive Director, attempting to make several more demands before screaming and swearing at him too. The name that shows up on call display in conjunction with this number is "Veritas". When googled, another number affiliated with this place, the supposed "head office" number, was called. A woman answered and vehemently denied any possibility of anyone calling us from that number, stating the office was closed at that time. Sketchy upon sketchy upon sketchy, if you ask me.
Posted by Margot
Thursday, 07.20.2017 @ 12:21pm
Sekure Cost Review. Rude. Scam. Asked to be removed from list and the 19 year old girl got indignant and told me she wanted my manager. Blocked call.
Posted by one
Thursday, 07.20.2017 @ 12:21pm
This number called my sister's cell for me.
Posted by Janet Mason
Thursday, 07.20.2017 @ 09:45am
Its not a legal aftercare team. Its a scam. Don't bother with them. Just a bunch of crazy guys trying to get your money.
Posted by Shireen
Thursday, 07.20.2017 @ 08:20am
They try to 800 pound from too
Posted by Annencinta
Thursday, 07.20.2017 @ 08:11am
debt collector
Posted by ina
Thursday, 07.20.2017 @ 04:21am
Craigslist scammer.
Posted by Natali
Thursday, 07.20.2017 @ 03:53am
This is the Number from Employsure
Posted by Employsure
Wednesday, 07.19.2017 @ 20:25pm
844 area code is part of the debt-scam "network".
Gt another call from them today.
Hung up as soon as machine picked call up.
Reported to both FCC and FTC
Posted by DCG
Wednesday, 07.19.2017 @ 18:54pm
I just received a blocked call and answered it anyway. It was a man with a strong accent who claims to work for the United States Federal Government Grant & Treasury Department. He said that I was eligible for a $9,000 grant. He gave me a "Grant Approval ID#" and told me to call the Senior Account number at (202) 780-9515. I didn't call the number so about 10 minutes later, the same man called again very disappointed and asked why I haven't called the number that he gave me.

The same thing happened to a writer from the Washington Post who wrote about it. Check it out:
Posted by Gayle
Wednesday, 07.19.2017 @ 18:45pm
This is a debt collection agency in the state of Oregon. They were helpful, polite and respectful in removing my number from their data base after I requested.
Posted by Jerry
Wednesday, 07.19.2017 @ 16:53pm
Poses as an officer to steal money from old ladies
Posted by Alan
Wednesday, 07.19.2017 @ 15:57pm
Received calls from (571)748-7165. No voice message hung up after a few rings. I don't pick up number I don't recognize. Blocked and Deleted.
Posted by NoVA_Resident_5717487165
Wednesday, 07.19.2017 @ 15:09pm
Anyone searching this number, it is one of our reps calling with regards to a voucher you may have received from one of our corporate partners, or calling to send you a voucher if you are interested.

If you are not interested just let us know and we will take your number off of our database.

Posted by Venture Studios Glasgow
Wednesday, 07.19.2017 @ 15:00pm
Got a text saying that some tutoring company tried to return my call. Turned out that the wife used my phone to call them so it was genuine.
Posted by Jamie
Wednesday, 07.19.2017 @ 14:59pm
scam call
Posted by kelly
Wednesday, 07.19.2017 @ 13:47pm
This number calls me every week trying to sell me extended warranty for the car I do not own for over 4 years. I asked to remove me off the list that did not work. I asked to talk to the manager to get my number removed today ....well she hanged up on we and if you try to call them back number doesn't work. What I should do??? How can I take them to court? Anyone having the same problem?
Posted by Diana
Wednesday, 07.19.2017 @ 13:08pm
Received numerous calls from this number they claim to be a pharmaceutical company calling in regards to free samples we supposedly requested. Even though they have been told we did not request samples of any kind and are not interested they still continue to call our phone several times throughout the day.
Posted by Amy
Wednesday, 07.19.2017 @ 12:56pm

It's Wiltshire Farm Foods.
Posted by pen
Wednesday, 07.19.2017 @ 10:08am
Indian scammers: obtain your number from domain registrations, try to sell website creation "services"
Posted by Julian Perry
Wednesday, 07.19.2017 @ 08:46am
They call me at least twice a week and never leave a voice message. I don't answer as I think it's another scam.
Posted by Annette
Wednesday, 07.19.2017 @ 07:07am
Caller is Now Vauxhall.
Posted by Smurf1510
Wednesday, 07.19.2017 @ 06:08am
Professional finance company
Posted by Anna
Tuesday, 07.18.2017 @ 18:50pm
Said they were from mtvs catfish.
Posted by Not a Catfish lol
Tuesday, 07.18.2017 @ 17:26pm
Someone called asking about photography. Didn't know what he wanted and said he would call back when he had a better idea. No idea what it was all about. (I am a photographer) Calling someone at 21:30 at night though seems strange when you don't know what type of photos you want.
Posted by RB
Tuesday, 07.18.2017 @ 16:31pm
Called said was calling from rewards center. annoying
Posted by bob
Tuesday, 07.18.2017 @ 15:07pm
He told me his name was Anthony Modric Kovaceic from Croatia and was in Syria under the UN. Yes...he is a scammer who totally is looking to take your money especially if he tells you that he wants to leave Syria because of all the b/s that is happening over there but his funds are all tied up and is not able to unless he gets some funds from you. Promises to pay you back when he is back in the states. The guy even made a promise on his "supposedly" son's life. BEWARE AND REPORT THIS GUY.
Posted by Monica
Tuesday, 07.18.2017 @ 15:07pm
Hung up within a few seconds of me saying Hello. Could hear call centre noise in background.
Posted by Jools
Tuesday, 07.18.2017 @ 11:53am
CBV collections. Just ignore it.
Posted by AT
Tuesday, 07.18.2017 @ 11:48am
The company is called Just Teachers, they are an agency dealing with Teachers and Cover Supervisors who may want you to work for them.
Posted by Pete
Tuesday, 07.18.2017 @ 08:38am

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