Got a few phone calls from this number, it only rang for seconds, every time I picked up, I got hung up right away! I finally got a talking person today, it was really noisy in the background, could barely understand her accent. All I could understand was she was from pc Mastercard (which I confirmed with pc Mastercard that they did not have any reason to contact me and even if they did, it would be a 1-800 number anyway, and they would leave a message if it's important when they can't get hold of me), wanted to confirm my identity and was talking about something about credit score! I felt really unsafe, so I told her that I do not trust this number, don't call me again! Pc Mastercard agent told me even if it was them, if you don't feel comfortable, you can always tell the caller you don't feel safe, you'll call Mastercard yourself! They'll totally understand! So don't give out any personal information!!!
Posted by Jules
Tuesday, 02.21.2017 @ 13:46pm
Scammer pretending to be from LendingClub with a loan approval for you. Will try and get bank account info. Currently going by the name of Richard Hatcher.
Posted by Marc
Tuesday, 02.21.2017 @ 12:43pm
I received sexually explicit texts and pics from 607-353-9225
Posted by amanda
Tuesday, 02.21.2017 @ 11:50am
cabot financial
Posted by ana
Tuesday, 02.21.2017 @ 11:33am
Received 2 calls in the past couple days. Didn't answer, left no vm.
Posted by Remo
Tuesday, 02.21.2017 @ 10:17am
got a voicemail and the caller is Gala bingo courtesy call.
Posted by Joan
Tuesday, 02.21.2017 @ 08:44am
Its an automated message giving a google verification code which i didnt request very strange
Posted by J Innes
Tuesday, 02.21.2017 @ 08:37am
Answred call someone sneezed the line went dead. Number called twice more with same result so have blocked
Posted by Middletink
Tuesday, 02.21.2017 @ 08:27am
check up on information from suppliers
randon checks carried out to ensure contracts are upto date on systems
verification call more or less
Posted by data handler
Tuesday, 02.21.2017 @ 05:17am
This number keeps calling my mobile never leaves a message. It a local number.
Posted by Jackie
Tuesday, 02.21.2017 @ 04:22am
Dont answer this phony
Posted by Liv
Tuesday, 02.21.2017 @ 03:04am
This no belong to a group of fraudster, claiming to be high class escort service provider.
They will take money from you in advance and than once money is transferred they will not respond only even if you call 24 X 7
Posted by Ankit
Tuesday, 02.21.2017 @ 02:17am
Called my cell at 7.30am.
No messages left.
Unresponsive number!
Posted by Danielle
Tuesday, 02.21.2017 @ 00:47am
Yes, it is spam. This jerk is trying to obtain your personal information.
Posted by Nel
Monday, 02.20.2017 @ 21:36pm
Posted by WATCH IT
Monday, 02.20.2017 @ 21:29pm
Called back - "disconnected or not a working number"...
Posted by Joe
Monday, 02.20.2017 @ 21:07pm
Didn't answer, caller left a message. Personal message - said my name (likely from my message prompt). Something about an offer for a complimentary pest control quote, but it was difficult to understand the caller as there was a very poor connection and very noisy background, like a call center, and the caller spoke with an accent I couldn't identify - possibly Cambodian. The weird part was that they asked for a call back to a DIFFERENT number, 510.886.1515. Blocked.
Posted by Anonymous
Monday, 02.20.2017 @ 21:04pm
Based in Brisbane, Australia. This business is a representative for several legitimate businesses: - Slumbersac Australia, Wholesale Baby and Little People and Me. LOVELY and HELPFUL!
Posted by Anonymous
Monday, 02.20.2017 @ 19:42pm
Don't appreciate these calls? Here's who's behind it.

Andrew E. Smith
(603) 862-2226

So ahead and spam the crap out of him.
Posted by leave mealone
Monday, 02.20.2017 @ 18:19pm
This may be a robo-dialer... my husband received a call and then I did within seconds of each other. What can be done to make this stop? It's a menace.
Posted by G K Claxton
Monday, 02.20.2017 @ 16:48pm
Person said, "Hello, this is Chuck. I am an evaluator in your area. Can you hear me alright?" He did ask if I was there when I didn't answer right away. With the latest scam getting people to say "Yes" so they can use the recording to authorize purchases made with the victim's credit information has made me wary of any call that asks "Can you hear me?"
Posted by Randy
Monday, 02.20.2017 @ 13:44pm
Rang and hung up. Someone is phishing
Posted by Annoyed
Monday, 02.20.2017 @ 11:22am
Posted by PT
Monday, 02.20.2017 @ 11:05am
Phoned and no response then disconnected
Posted by Cathy H
Monday, 02.20.2017 @ 10:29am
Missed Call. Voice mail was left. It seems it's CapitalOnTap business credit card.
Posted by Abdalla
Monday, 02.20.2017 @ 09:15am
never explains why they are calling
Posted by g
Monday, 02.20.2017 @ 09:12am
Has called me 4 times this past week and I haven't answered
Posted by Rhianna
Monday, 02.20.2017 @ 07:03am
sir jo nokia 5310 ki dalivri ha wo cancal kar do 03044712938
Posted by M.Ahmad
Monday, 02.20.2017 @ 04:23am
sir jo nokia 5310 mobile ki dalivri ha wo cancal kar daye
Posted by M.Ahsan
Monday, 02.20.2017 @ 04:21am
Several calls from this number, never answered but they didn't leave voicemail.
Posted by DT
Monday, 02.20.2017 @ 04:11am
Rude call center agent from study online company! He said im "wasting his time"???!! Does he have to say that?
Posted by Doreen
Monday, 02.20.2017 @ 04:09am
comparethemarket. SPAM.
Posted by rusty
Monday, 02.20.2017 @ 00:12am
RAUD: I got a message saying vacancy for a Facility manager in Canada. email id
Posted by D.Singh
Sunday, 02.19.2017 @ 23:24pm
Phone calls several times on a daily basis, no message left
Posted by william
Sunday, 02.19.2017 @ 21:16pm
Caller asked for me by name.
"We're the good guys" asking for a donation for disabled police officers. Several packages available, I'm sure we can work with you to help. Do you have credit cards? Do you know what the amount of money you have available on the cards? All the while I was trying to talk,but caller seemed to be ignoring me. By now I realized the scam & wanted to see how far this would go. Finally I was asked for my credit card numbers, expiration date, & security code. I couldn't believe it & hung up
Posted by Jeff Johnson
Sunday, 02.19.2017 @ 19:40pm
Female lives in calgary Alberta Canada
Posted by Michael
Sunday, 02.19.2017 @ 08:37am

Received call from this number 855-437-5016 and states his name is Don Brooks. Extension 1227618. Claims that he has something that came across his desk that needed to be acted on right away. If not then it would be harmful to me. SCAMMER!!! Unsafe number.
Posted by kimberly
Saturday, 02.18.2017 @ 23:33pm
Call from this number, rung once then hung up
Posted by Linda
Saturday, 02.18.2017 @ 20:32pm
This is AT&T
Posted by Joshua
Saturday, 02.18.2017 @ 16:08pm
Scammer! 800-839-3570
Posted by Concerned
Saturday, 02.18.2017 @ 12:49pm
New York post calling to try and get me to restart my subscription - SPAM
Posted by Andy
Saturday, 02.18.2017 @ 10:52am
this number is from the company apple, as i rang it to get my ipad unlocked
Posted by tracey
Saturday, 02.18.2017 @ 04:17am
multiple calls from Kevin Mason. each time a different person's voice but the same name
Posted by Gilbert
Friday, 02.17.2017 @ 20:10pm

Here is the email I received:

I decided to give out my house as a result of our work transfer to Miami FL

I will be renting out the house for $600(Including Utilities) water,gas,electricity and garbage and a security deposit of $400(refundable) $100 for each pet as pet deposit (negotiable) and I need to inform you as well that the funds is not the reason why I am renting it out but want someone who can take care of it as if he/she owns it.

*gives address of property*

I was working with a Realtor before but noticed he made the rent and deposit exorbitant so i told him i was going to get a tenant myself , i want my property affordable so the house wont be vacant for long So i have decided to rent it out myself that is why you can see the advert posted But he still has his sign outside.

Attached are pictures of the property , if you are willing to work with my situation, let me know so that we can discuss the rent further.

Text or call me

Van orden

Posted by Paige
Friday, 02.17.2017 @ 16:00pm
This number won't stop calling all fucking day every couple hours never leaves a voicemail . Anyone know this number?
Posted by Greg
Friday, 02.17.2017 @ 15:34pm
this number just called, and didnt respond when we said hello.
Posted by mm
Friday, 02.17.2017 @ 13:16pm
called. hung up fast.
do NOT know this number at all.
Posted by TDM
Friday, 02.17.2017 @ 12:46pm
Don't recognize this number but it looks like a scam number!
Posted by June
Friday, 02.17.2017 @ 11:15am
Spam. Automated voice. Just block them...
Posted by Gav
Friday, 02.17.2017 @ 10:12am
Unwanted call to a number on the telephone preference service. Why don't these people follow the law and check before they ring?
Posted by D
Friday, 02.17.2017 @ 09:10am

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